Your IV Drip Protocol

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When it comes to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consistency is key. And that’s no different when it comes to IV nutrient therapy. Understanding when and how often to drip allows you to reap the most benefits and create lasting results. 

We all metabolize vitamins and nutrients at a very different rate due to our biological individuality and lifestyles. The great thing about our IV nutrient therapy is that it can be easily tailored to fit your unique personal needs. Whether your focus is on achieving optimal wellness or recovering from a hangover, jetlag, or migraine, our expert medical team and registered nurses know exactly how to establish a personalised therapy plan for you. 

Read on to learn more about our general IV protocols, as recommended by our doctor-led medical team.  


What is it: The NutriCleanse boosts natural energy levels and the immune system, detoxes and replenishes your body by combating harmful toxins from urban exposure. 

When to drip: When you are feeling sluggish & fatigued, looking to cleanse and detox your body, searching for an all around glow, or correcting bad eating habits.

How often to drip: To jumpstart your detox, this drip can be administered up to 2-3 per week for the first 2-3 weeks. For maintenance, we suggest 1-2 drips per month. 



What is it: The NutriGlow cleanses and detoxifies the liver, reveals glowing skin, enhances overall complexion, and is great for boosting immunity & inflammation.

When to drip: When you have a special occasion, want to look and feel your best, or fix skin issues and blemishes.

How often to drip:  To give skin a healthy radiant glow and combat skin issues such as acne, scarring, and even hyperpigmentation, we recommend 3 drips per week for 1-2 months  and 2-4 drips per month for maintenance. To simply get a subtle glow, you should see a change with just 1 drip (which we love before an event)



What is it: The NutriMMUNITY supercharges your immune system, reduces the intensity and duration of viral illnesses, and decreases inflammation and infection.

When to drip: When you’re feeling under the weather, have a weakened immune system, have big travel plans, or want the extra immune defense to carry you through cold and flu season.

How often to drip: To feel better and combat sickness, we recommend 2 drips in one week. For maintenance and as a preventative measure, 1-2 drips per month or before travel.



What is it: The NutriBody kickstarts the fat burn by boosting your metabolism, breaking down fat cells, controlling your mood and appetite, and increasing energy.

When to drip: Feeling like you aren’t yourself, don’t recognize your body, looking for a metabolism boost or wanting to improve your overall fitness and health.

How often to drip: To see transformative results, we recommend 2 drips per week for at least 4 weeks, followed by 2 Body Boosters per week.  For maintenance, 1-2 drips per month should keep you feeling amazing.



What is it: The NutriBoost will increase your overall energy levels, increase your metabolism, and enhance your sexual vitality.

When to drip: Feelings of adrenal fatigue, low energy levels, or working long hours.

How often to drip:  To kickstart your energy levels, we suggest 3 drips in one week followed by 1-2 drips per month for maintenance. For an instant “pick me up”, you should feel a change with simply 1 drip! 



What is it: The NutriFit accelerates recovery and athletic performance by assisting with muscle formation, endurance, and recovery through increasing circulation and energy production.

When to drip: When you’ve been working out hard, trying to achieve peak fitness level and reach fitness goals.

How often to drip: For performance, we recommend 2 drips per week for a month. For muscle recovery, you should feel a change with simply 1 drip! 


What is it: The NutriYouth will restore your youthfulness by supporting mitochondrial health, repairing DNA, decelerating cellular aging,  and improving brain, memory & mood functions.

When to drip:  When your brain feels foggy, your mood is down, and your energy level is not where it once was. Some use this formulation for addiction-commonly used for opioid addiction, but also not limited to alcoholism or tobacco use. 

How often to drip: This IV therapy is used on an as needed basis.  


What is it:  The MegaRecovery replenishes electrolytes and dehydration levels from hangovers and illnesses.

When to drip: When you’ve had too much fun during a night out resulting in hangover of nausea, dizziness, & muscle pain, an unfortunate mishap with food poisoning, jet lag, or dehydration. 

How often to drip: This drip is used on an as needed basis with a max of 3 drips per week.

Questions on what drip is right for you? Email us at hello@cleanmarket.com, or discuss with one of our medical professionals when you book your next IV therapy.

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