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Move over supplements: IV Drips are the next big buzz in inner beauty.

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New York magazine

Which Hangover Cures, Pills, and Patches Really Work, According to Science?

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Upgrade your wellness routine with Vitamin IVs

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I got a Vitamin IV Drip - Self Care in the City series.

By Michelle Cady / FitVista


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Feeling sick-ish, I went to a drip bar for an immunity boost. Here's what happened. 

Can a vitamin IV drip help you outrun cold and flu season? I tried it.


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NutriDrip started IV wellness therapy as a way to treat hangovers.

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My newest obsession?

 NutriDrip. You’ve probably heard of them gracing your social media feed like crazy the last month, and that’s how I heard of it too.

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I Tried an IV Hangover "Cure," Which Is Apparently a Normal Thing to Do at Work These Days.

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The IV Bar Guide. 

Book at either their Flatiron or East Village location (the latter happens to sit under the gorgeous Alchemist’s Kitchen herbal remedy shop) for a liquid boost

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I show you the crazy (and not so crazy) way I stay focused. It contains needles.

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There's a new healthcare trend in town!

The guys over at Futurism put the NutriYOUTH to the test. NutriYOUTH is an anti-aging IV infusion that stops aging at a cellular level. Our NAD+ intravaneous therapy revitalizes fine lines and wrinkles. Find out what happens below!

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NutriDrip  ‘the world’s most advanced nutrient therapies,’  is bringing Hangover Cure to the masses!

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Does This IV Delivery Service Cure Hangovers?

We Gave It a Shot (and Then Another Shot…)