Equinox Hotel Hudson Yards

Visit us at our location at Equinox Hotel in Hudson Yards.  At Equinox Hotel, NutriDrip provides IV nutrient therapy for therapeutic and rejuvenating benefits with a full menu of signature Wellness and Recovery IV drips. Located on the spa level, explore self-care personalized for your health goals and nutritional needs in a relaxing environment.

33 Hudson Yards, Level 5,  New York, NY 10001
The Spa at Equinox Hotels

Note: Proof of vaccination is required at this location.


Monday - Sunday
10am - 6pm


IV Nutrient Therapy protocols utilize fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to treat your symptoms so you can feel better faster, whether you are looking to increase energy, support immunity, boost metabolism, or reach peak fitness.

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Tuck into a private pod to review your medical history and discuss your custom protocol with our medical team. Our medical team will help you find and customize the right IV Drip protocol, so you can feel your absolute best.

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Or we can come to you!

Have your NutriDrip treatment in the comfort of your own home,
office and hotel. Our mobile team of IV certified licensed medical
professionals bring the NutriDrip experience to you.