NutriDrip Super Recovery IV Drip

Super Hangover IV Drip


Moderate Hangover, Illness and Dehydration

Cool your body’s inflammation from a night out with our Super Recovery infusion. Electrolyte hydration combined with your choice of 2 powerful prescription-strength medications helps augment your immune system and protect against toxins in the external and internal environment.

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Replenishes vitamins that are depleted with alcohol, food poisoning or illness and great for food poisoning & dehydration.

KEY INGREDIENTS: 1000ml+ of Lactated Ringer’s IV Solution, Your Choice of Pain or Nausea Rx Medication, & a B12/B-Complex Booster


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Medium Hangovers


Acute Dehydration

Low On Electrolytes

Get Back On Your Feet


1000ml+ of Lactated Ringer’s IV Solution

A simple but potent infusion of electrolyte hydration to help nurture you back to a happier, healthier state.

Pain or Nausea Rx Medication

Your Mega, Super, or Basic Recovery drip includes a dose of a powerful prescription-strength medication of your choice to help relieve pain or nausea.

B12 / B-Complex Vitamin Boost

1 mg Methylcobalamin & 1ml B-Complex help to increase your natural energy and get you back to feeling functional.


CoQ10 has many health benefits including playing a vital role in the production of energy in the body (ATP), muscle recovery after exercise, and increasing circulation.


The Co-Enzyme Q10 NutriBooster is perfect for low energy, athletic performance and recovery.


What exactly is NutriDrip?

NutriDrip offers IV Nutritional therapy; administered by a registered nurse via a catheter injected directly into the bloodstream. IV treatments are used for their unparalleled effectiveness for delivering nutrients to the body in a form optimized for 100% absorption and bioavailability!

Aren’t they only used in hospitals?

IV’s can only be administered by trained medical practitioners, and we hire the same professionals that hospitals do. We’ve created a relaxing and luxuriate environment where infusions are designed to prevent illness and help the body achieve a state of homeostasis by using the same powerful techniques used by doctors. Clients who receive our service leave the experience feeling lifted, refreshed and relaxed, which is very different than the experience found in any emergency room.

How long does the NutriDrip infusion take?

Each person and protocol varies, but as a general guide, the infusion can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

More Questions? Check out our How It Works.