Discover what peak wellness feels like.

A membership to NutriDrip includes access to all three locations at a members-only price plus in-home benefits designed with your vitality, immunity and wellness needs in mind. Included with membership is a robust and unique tiered offer of services targeting your goals & a community of members leading their best lives.



       per month

  • 20% off all NutriDrips and NutriBoosters at location
  • 10% off all drips in-home
  • 3 months minimum



       per month

  • 30% off all NutriDrips and NutriBoosters at location
  • 20% off all drips in-home
  • 2 monthly booster shots included
  • Share membership perks with up to 2 friends at the same appointment
  • 3 months minimum



       per month

  • 30% off all location and concierge NutriDrip services
  • Micronutrient and genetic testing analysis
  • Personalized NutriDrip Protocols, Programs, and Nutrition Supplement based upon your genetic and nutrient testing.
  • Complementary on demand medical provider


Choose to gift any amount, or your favorite IV Drip & Booster Shot.