Get a taste of heightened senses, ageless energy, and youthful brain function. This mini regimen includes a mixed Nutrient Quick-Drip lasting 15 minutes, packed with Vitamin C, B12, B-Complex, and Magnesium to replenish lost nutrients in the body and prepare for ultimate cell rejuvenation.

Followed by a 35 minute whole-body anti aging infusion with the miraculous molecule, NAD+. Harvard professor, Dr. Sinclair, recently discovered the breakthrough benefits of NAD+ for DNA protection and replication efficacy. Through improved cellular respiration and mitochondrial function, IV NAD+ has been shown in medical studies to stop cellular aging in its tracks. Lastly, a 5-minute Glutathione “Master Antioxidant” Push is administered to complete this incredible MINI regimen. Glutathione is known to remove toxins in the liver, create a beautiful glow in your skins appearance and naturally purify yourself from the inside out.

KEY NUTRIENTS: NAD+, Magnesium, and Selenium + Vitamin C, B12, & B-Complex + Glutathione

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Aging Skin (Fine Lines And Wrinkles)

Dulled Senses Such As Sight And Smell

Dry, Cracked, Lifeless Skin

Youth & Rejuvenation


Repairs DNA
Supports Ligament And Muscle Health
Revitalizes Damaged Skin



A miraculous, mysterious molecule, NAD+ has a unique ability to protect tissues, induce DNA repair, and potentially increase life span. NAD+ can even help correct early degenerative biochemical changes associated with aging-related disease, giving it the reputation of being an ‘anti-aging’ solution.


Magnesium is a jack-of-all-trades nutrient that assists with energy production, improved muscle function, higher quality sleep, mood, and concentration.


Selenium is an antioxidant that can reduce inflammation. Selenium also has a range of nutritional benefits, including playing a protective role in your body by increasing the overall quality of blood flow.


Half of the population are deficient in Vitamin D. Unless you live in the tropics year-round, chances are you aren’t getting enough of Vitamin D, aka: “The Sunshine Hormone.”


This can weaken the immune system, affect muscle and bone health, and most commonly impair mood and concentration. Improve your mood, sleep, and concentration levels with a blast of sunshine containing 50,000 units of Vitamin D.


What exactly is NutriDrip?

NutriDrip offers IV Nutritional therapy; administered by a registered nurse via a catheter injected directly into the bloodstream. IV treatments are used for their unparalleled effectiveness for delivering nutrients to the body in a form optimized for 100% absorption and bioavailability!

Aren’t they only used in hospitals?

IV’s can only be administered by trained medical practitioners, and we hire the same professionals that hospitals do. We’ve created a relaxing and luxuriate environment where infusions are designed to prevent illness and help the body achieve a state of homeostasis by using the same powerful techniques used by doctors. Clients who receive our service leave the experience feeling lifted, refreshed and relaxed, which is very different than the experience found in any emergency room.

How long does the NutriDrip infusion take?

Each person and protocol varies, but as a general guide, the infusion can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

More Questions? Check out our How It Works.