NYC'S #1 Nutrition & Hydration IV Drip Lounge


NYC'S #1 Nutrition & Hydration IV Drip Lounge


IV Vitamin Drips and Boosters shots


The Mission:
To empower the human body.

NutriDrip is founded on principles of the Functional Medicine Movement from our team of board certified integrative medical professions.  We are guided by the belief that the human body is an incredible machine. Draining symptoms and illness are a result of chronic bodily system imbalances.  When you provide the proper elements and nutrients it needs, you can empower the body to heal itself and thrive.  

Through IV drip therapy, nutrition and hydration,
our mission is to empower the world to live life at its very best. 

- Founded in Functional Medicine -

- 12 targeted propRIETARY NutriDrip Formulations -

- 6 vitalizing nutribooster shots -

- 1 amazing medical team -

How it works


1. Select Your NutriDrip

Pick the NutriDrip best suited to your needs. 

Need help picking a NutriDrip?
Our highly trained medical team will help you select the drip


2. Schedule Your Appointment

Select location and time. 

Choose In-home service
or come to one of our locations


3. Quick Medical Consult

After a quick health consult, a licensed medical provider will review your medical history and vitals. 


4. Enjoy Your NutriDrip

The infusion process takes 30 - 60 minutes depending on the package you choose. 

Begin feeling refreshed and revitalized immediately.

Have a nurse come to your home, office or hotel
in as little as 30 minutes in NYC

IV therapy delivers 100% bioavailable vitamins and fluids straight into your bloodstream. 

This groundbreaking functional medicine practice, powered by NutriDrip is used to cover everything from increasing energy, enhancing the strength of the immune system, suppressing anxiety and stress, and ultimately preventing aging. These IV infusions can be administered in-home or at a NutriDrip IV Drip lounge in New York City. Compared to a 20-30% absorption rate via oral consumption, IV therapy NYC is taking over the alternative medicine world with unlimited benefits.


Select Your NutriDrip

What's your NutriDrip?

Select Your NutriDrip

What's your NutriDrip?

Unlocking the true power of Nutrients

Choose one of our signature NutriDrip infusions or booster shots created by our team of integrative doctors and wellness coaches.

Our IV Vitamin Drip programs promote the following benefits: 

  • Boost energy

  • Power up your immune system

  • Potent detoxification 

  • Anti-aging

  • Glowing hydrated skin

  • Reduce stress

  • Increase joint strength and mobility

  • Boost metabolism and slim down

  • Athletic performance and fast recovery


Select a NutriDrip to learn more