Phosphatidylcholine Drip


Improve Brain Power

Boost your mental output and support cognitive function at your next work conference or exam. NutriBRAIN gives you a competitive edge and is formulated to naturally support your brain’s metabolism and function. 

Key ingredient, Phosphatidylcholine (PTC) is a flexible phospholipid that serves as a major component of the cell membrane. PTC is found in brain tissue, and, as an important part of the normal aging process, the amount of PTC in the cell membrane decreases.

By incorporating PTC IV Drips, you can reverse the age-related decline of PTC in your cell membranes and keep it at a youthful level. Studies have found that PTC can aid memory and learning and may also help promote normal skin elasticity and support healthy liver function.

POTENTIAL BENEFITS: Enhances cognitive function, concentration and mental clarity, improves memory and attention deficiency and great for sharpening a healthy brain.

KEY NUTRIENTS: Glutathione & PTC

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Excessive Stress

Before A Big Exam Or Work Meeting

Technology Overload

Mental Fog Or Inability To Focus

Excessive Overtime At Work Or Late Night Studying

When In Need Of A Competitive Edge

Super Charge Your Brain


Enhances Cognitive Ability
Improves Memory
Boosts Concentration


PTC (Phosphatidylcholine)

PTC, is used to help sharpen a healthy brain and combat the effects of attention deficiency. PTC assists in the building of cell membranes.


Known as the "Master Antioxidant", Glutathione increases your body's ability to naturally detoxify, targeting the liver to flush out harmful toxins, as well as assisting in fighting off illness.


Pair the NutriBRAIN infusion with our NAD Anti-Aging NutriBooster for increased mental clarity. This amazing molecule increases brain, memory and mood functionality increasing production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.


It also protects cell DNA and keeps mitochondria healthy, which in turn increases energy levels and keeps cells reproducing effectively.


What exactly is NutriDrip?

NutriDrip offers IV Nutritional therapy; administered by a registered nurse via a catheter injected directly into the bloodstream. IV treatments are used for their unparalleled effectiveness for delivering nutrients to the body in a form optimized for 100% absorption and bioavailability!

Aren’t they only used in hospitals?

IV’s can only be administered by trained medical practitioners, and we hire the same professionals that hospitals do. We’ve created a relaxing and luxuriate environment where infusions are designed to prevent illness and help the body achieve a state of homeostasis by using the same powerful techniques used by doctors. Clients who receive our service leave the experience feeling lifted, refreshed and relaxed, which is very different than the experience found in any emergency room.

How long does the NutriDrip infusion take?

Each person and protocol varies, but as a general guide, the infusion can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

More Questions? Check out our How It Works.