IV therapy is the quickest way to deliver any kind of fluid or vitamins to the body, with a bioavailability absorption of 100%. 


As a busy adult, it can be difficult to make sure that your body is getting everything that it needs. That’s where NutriDrip can help. A New York-based company founded by doctors and nurses that is revolutionizing the way we replenish vital nutrients in our bodies. 


With two locations in Manhattan in the East Village and Flatiron, NutriDrip offers 30 - 60 minute drip sessions at location, or in-home, that covers everything from increasing energy, enhancing the strength of the immune system, suppressing anxiety and stress, and ultimately preventing aging. 



Don't take our word for it. See what our customers are saying...


"I was feeling unwell and had heard from a friend that a drip would sort me out in short notice. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who needs a little extra boost when your energy is low and you need to feel on your game."

- Jared B.


"Great studio with a good variety of IV and other boosts! Nurses are extremely friendly, helpful and professional. The drip itself was amazing. I loved the whole experience!"

- Jessica R.


"I'm kinda obsessed with this place! It's super easy to book online with serval healthy cocktails to choose from. I had a bit too much one night and NutriDrip was there to the rescue! I had the "NutriCLEANSE" packed with vitamin C, B12, other vitamins, and tons of hydration! I was ready to seize the day afterwards"

- Mia J.