Welcome to the highly anticipated launch of our New NutriDrip IV infusions!

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NutriSKINNY- MIC Lipotropic fat burner!

NutriBRAIN - Phosphatidyl Choline (PTC) brain power!

NutriCALM - Relax the mind with Nature's Xanax

NutriFIT - Packed with IV Amino Acids for muscle gains and recovery.

NutriMMUNITY - Fight or prevent sickness with the power of Glycyrrhizic Acid (liquorish extract), Lysine and Megadose Vitamin C

NutriYOUTH - Heightened senses, ageless energy, and youthful brain function. Our most advanced infusion including the breakthrough nutrient NAD+. 

New IV nutrients now available: 

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