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The next generation detox

More powerful than a 5 day juice cleanse... Faster than a spin class...

Your body is continually bombarded by chemicals, toxins and oxidative stress, especially in urban environments:

  • Air Pollution / poor diet / cosmetic toxin absorption
  • Demanding schedules and stress
  • Partying / drinking / smoking / lack of sleep 
  • Excessive exercise 

These toxins and free radicals slowly build up in your body and when left unchecked, causes an array of underlying chronic health issues:  

  • Depleted immune system
  • New and increased allergy sensitivity
  • Low energy / poor concentration / poor sleep
  • Frequent sickness / slower recovery from common illnesses
  • Chronic inflammation = cause of common debilitating diseases

FIGht back: IV Glutathione

Any of these scenarios can quickly eat up your body's storage of Glutathione at the cellular level.  Reduced Glutathione levels limits your body's ability to naturally detoxify and fight off disease.  Chronically low levels have been linked to accelerated aging, and a wide array of debilitating diseases including poor skin.  

Oral Glutathione supplements have proven ineffective because of extremely low absorption rates, due to its destruction during the digestive process.  IV Glutathione therapy has been the only method to show drastic increases in absorption rate and boost levels back to optimal levels. 

What does the 60 minute cleanse do?

It’s all about achieving high concentration levels of these rejuvenating nutrients and antioxidants in your body over a short amount of time. This treatment literally blasts your body back into balance”
— Dr. Beer MD- Integrative Medical NY

This treatment enables the ability to reach megadose levels of Glutathione and Vitamin C in the body.  Only when megadose concentration levels are at its highest in the blood and body tissue, that therapeutic and cleansing benefits are unlocked.  And the most efficient, effective, and only method in achieving these benefits is through intravenous administration. 

  • Increase your Glutathione levels
  • Quickly detoxifies your body and attack excess free radicals
  • Promotes cellular homeostasis 
  • Slows the effect of aging 
  • Naturally increases your energy level and mental clarity 
  • Attacks dormant viruses and promotes faster recovery from active viruses and infections.
  • Boosts immune system 

The 60 Minute Cleanse features two amazing IV therapies that provide a short-cut to higher level wellness.  Also included is an optimal dose of varying vitamins and multi-trace elements to support energy and brain balance.  You will feel rejuvenating effects even after only one session. 

How much does it cost and what is in it?

We offer three dosage levels of 60MC.  The Classic is perfect for first timers.  The Mega which is designed for frequent NutriDrip customers.   The treatment includes high doses of IV Vitamin C, Glutathione and our proprietary vitamin mix. 

Classic Level 

Vitamin C = up to 10,000 mg
Glutathione & Vitamin Mix

$349 - In-home appointment
$249 - @ Our infusion center (weekends only) 

Super Level

Vitamin C = up to 25,000 mg
Glutathione & Vitamin Mix 

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Mega Level

Vitamin C = up to 50,000 mg
Glutathione & Vitamin Mix
*Prior G6PD deficiency blood test required.
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Discounts available when purchased in blocks of 4 or more

Recovery Program:
3 - 5 sessions over 3 weeks


Maintenance Program:
1 -2 sessions a month

How long does it take?


STEP 1 - Vitamin Infusion: The vitamin and electrolyte fluid infusion take 30 - 60 minutes depending on the dosage level, body weight and your renal capacity. 


STEP 2 - Glutathione Push: At the end of the infusion phase, glutathione is mixed with equal parts sterile water and administered with a slow 5 - 10 minute push. This maximizes the detoxifying effects of Glutathione and creates the desired high concentration in the blood and body.