NYC IV Vitamin Drips and Boosters shots



The Secret is out. 


IV nutrient therapy, commonly known as NutriDrips, have been an industry secret of celebrities, professional athletes and executive elites for decades. They provide a short-cut to rejuvenation and help maintain balance in a fast paced lifestyle. 

The Injectable wellness revolution is quickly gaining traction among wellness enthusiasts.  NutriDrips are now conveniently available in the comfort of your home or office, bypassing the expensive cost of going to a doctor's office. 


Why IV Therapy?

IV therapy is the only way to achieve high concentrations of essential vitamins and minerals in the blood. It is at these high concentrations that beneficial therapeutic effects are unlocked.  We designed our NutriDrip infusions to focus on this cutting edge therapy. 



How it works

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1. Select Your NutriDrip

Pick the NutriDrip best suited to your needs. 

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2. Schedule Your Appointment

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3. Quick Medical Consult

A licensed medical provider will review your medical history and vitals. 

4. Enjoy Your NutriDrip

The infusion process takes 30 - 60 minutes depending on the package you choose. 

Begin feeling refreshed and revitalized.